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Skype calls. Laughs. Solution-oriented.

Working with Maria Alexandra (A.K.A LaCooquete) is just like that: you don’t have time for a dull moment because something is always on.

Having previously worked in Marketing, before switching to a full time career as a content creator, Maria is the first one to admit that she wasn’t good in the kitchen. The Honduran influencer with a colourful Youtube channel also had doubts about leaving an office job to try being her own boss:

“When I first started, I was not sure where it would take us and it took a while until it was possible to make a living only out of social media. You have to be patient and to persevere. Until I reached the 100 thousand followers mark it was hard to make money from social media alone”.

To capture the story of this young Tijuana-based food blogger that seems to have a relative in every continent of the world, we started by flying to Honduras to meet her family and to film with them for a few days.
Following this, it was time to reach Mexico, as Maria and her husband have been living in Tijuana after having experienced life in Europe and America.

As Maria was six months pregnant during the filming of the #LiveMoreShareMore campaign we tried to keep things simple, but to film sunsets and sunrises in different parts of the world it takes time.

@Lacooquette, shares how the experience was a career highlight:

“Being a part of the #LiveMoreShareMore series for Western Union® was a highlight in my career! I’ve never been asked to share my story so thoroughly in the hope of inspiring others, and especially done through exceptional videos. RDB | Robin des Bois’ outreach was exciting, I liked that they explained everything in detail over calls and Skype meetings before signing contracts, and I could understand what to do from the very beginning. Then, my favourite part was the filming: the production team made the trip fun and comfortable for me, for it to be as honest and as natural as possible. Finally, we were blown away with the quality of the videos and activations! Not only me but my family and friends, it was shocking how the images were so movie-like! I loved working with people so talented!”.

All five episodes are published across Western Union’s social channels, including Facebook, and teasers are posted on Instagram. These episodes are also made available to watch in a dedicated blog about the #LiveMoreShareMore project: #LiveMoreShareMore

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Marcio Delgado is a Journalist, speaker and a Content Producer working with brands and publications in the UK and Latin America.

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