The good thing about working with influencers, regardless of your choice of field, is that no two briefings or two days are the same – and you get to learn a lot, too, from both sides: brands and creators.
After travelling for over 200 days in the past couple of years to produce a series featuring inspiring people from all over the world – alongside daily headhunting and managing influencers for campaigns – I decided to create a small blog to share the experiences behind the scenes.Initially it was meant to be a very simple space to drop some photos and short posts, almost a memory album.

Then someone suggested that it would be nice to read some tips about working with influencers and Influencer Marketing. I added that tab.

Another friend asked if it would be possible to get some resources such as templates and research. A work colleague mentioned that it would be great to get to know a bit more about the influencers I work with and someone else said that it is difficult to know where to start looking for credible niche events targeted only to social media professionals and creators. I added that, too.

In the end, as I get asked about collaborations a lot, I had to include a little corner for that, too. Subsequently, what was just a very raw, personal project, became a much bigger and exciting endeavour.

Hopefully, the selection of content that I will be sharing, including cases, stories and tips, will inspire brands and creators to pursue amazing pieces of storytelling that can touch people and make a difference.



Marcio Delgado is a London-based Journalist, Public Speaker and Producer of the award-winning series #LiveMoreShareMore powered by Western Union, currently on its second season.

Regular coverage for mainstream media outlets includes: Cannes Film Festival, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

Instagram: @marcio_delgado

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